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The Voting Rights Task Force and its member had done the following :

  • Jim Soper aided in the organizing and publicizing of the Tunisian voting centers in San Francisco and Los Angeles (10/11)

  • Eva Waskell was coorganizer of the national conference "Election Integrity - Past, Present & Future" held at MIT (10/11)

  • Working with Debra Bowen's office and Verified Voting, the VRTF was instrumental in blocking SB908, a bill to introduce email voting into California (7/11)
    Election Integrity Advocates Take On Internet Voting In California

  • Jackie Riskin sent thousands of emails to media outlets about election integrity issues (2007-10)

  • Michelle Gabriel publishes "Monitoring Electronic Voting Systems in California", a groundbreaking document that describes what to look for when monitoring electronic voting machines and processes involved in the counting of the voting. (9/06 - 10/08)

  • Jim Soper was instrumental in convincing the German Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to cancel an official Internet voting pilot project (summer, 08)

    • this lead to a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom to drop out of the Internet voting software business (Fall/08)

    • as a side note : the German Constitutional Court would later rule that elections systems that cannot be retraced were unconstitutional (3/09)

  • VRTF spearheaded a campaign to defend Debra Bowen's new election regulations from attack during the primary elections (2/08)

    • on Election Day, media editors received over 500 letters and emails supporting her regulations (2/08)

  • Presentation to Melanie Nutter, Deputy District Director for Speaker Pelosi, June 26, 2007

  • Presentation to Adrienne Bousian, Deputy State Director for Senator Boxer, April 20, 2007

  • Presentation to Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, April 5, 2007

  • Presentation to Jim Molinari, State Director for Senator Feinstein, March 15, 2007

  • Dan Ashby and Jim Soper organize a symposium "Are We a Democracy? Vote Counting in the United States" in coordination with the Election Defense Alliance (2/07)

  • VRTF made several major contributions to the election of Debra Bowen as Secretary of State (06)

  • VRTF lead the public protest against the purchase of new Diebold systems in Alameda County (05-06)

    • Diebold was thrown out of Alameda County

    • for the first time ever in California, all votes cast on a DRE were hand checked; this later would become standard procedure in all of California (11/06)

    • the county conducted a security assessment (06)

  • VRTF members co-found the California Election Protection Network (spring 05)

  • VRTF hosted the first national symposium on election integrity (2/05)

  • VRTF sparked the campaign to have Senator Boxer support Ohio representatives in demanding a review of the results of the 2004 presidential election, which she did (1/05)

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We only fail if we quit. And we are not quitting.

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