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The Voting Rights Task Force and its members have accomplished the following since 2004:

  • The VRTF launches a campaign against three Internet voting initiatives. In the opening salvo, Richard and Jim write and distribute over 1000 fliers at the democratic convention in San Jose. (Winter, 2016)

  • The VRTF's proposal for posting detailed precinct reports on election night is introduced as AB 2824 (Thurmond) This is the result of 7 years of lobbying, including nearly 100 office visits in the Capitol. (2/16)

  • Jim Soper prepares and gives hour-long presentations on Election Systems 2016 in the SF Bay Area (2016)

  • VRTF joined with SoS Alex Padilla and democracy advocates across the state to block AB 887 (Ting), which would have introduced Internet and email voting. (1/16)

  • Jim Soper testified before the California Senate Select Committee on Science, Innovation and Public Policy on Security and Technology: Lessons Learned since HAVA (3/14)

  • Interviewed all three democratic candidates for Secretary of State. We endorsed Derek Cressman, and campaigned for him. Alex Padilla won the primary election, and has been performing well as Secretary of State. (2013-14)

  • Supported and testified on behalf of AB 813 (Melendez/Courbat), which requires counties that are able to post detailed precinct reports on their websites, 30 days after the election. It passed the legislature unanimously and was signed into law! (2013)

  • Worked with Debra Bowen, and scores of democracy advocates to block AB 19 (Ting), a bill to introduce Internet voting pilots. (2013)

  • Created the Watch The Count(ies) project to track the reporting of votes in almost all of Ohio's counties during the election of November, 2012.

  • Helped Debra Bowen to block passage of SB 1929, a bill to introduce cloud-based ballot marking. (2012)

  • Jim Soper aided in the organizing and publicizing of the Tunisian voting centers in San Francisco and Los Angeles (10/11)

  • Eva Waskell was coorganizer of the national conference "Election Integrity - Past, Present & Future" held at MIT (10/11)

  • Working with Debra Bowen's office and Verified Voting, the VRTF was instrumental in blocking SB908, a bill to introduce email voting into California (7/11)
    Election Integrity Advocates Take On Internet Voting In California

  • Jackie Riskin sent thousands of emails to media outlets about election integrity issues (2007-10)

  • Michelle Gabriel publishes "Monitoring Electronic Voting Systems in California", a groundbreaking document that describes what to look for when monitoring electronic voting machines and processes involved in the counting of the voting. (9/06 - 10/08)

  • Jim Soper was instrumental in convincing the German Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to cancel an official Internet voting pilot project (summer, 08)

    • this lead to a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom to drop out of the Internet voting software business (Fall/08)

    • as a side note : the German Constitutional Court would later rule that elections systems that cannot be retraced were unconstitutional (3/09)

  • VRTF spearheaded a campaign to defend Debra Bowen's new election regulations from attack during the primary elections (2/08)

    • on Election Day, media editors received over 500 letters and emails supporting her regulations (2/08)

  • Presentation to Melanie Nutter, Deputy District Director for Speaker Pelosi, June 26, 2007

  • Presentation to Adrienne Bousian, Deputy State Director for Senator Boxer, April 20, 2007

  • Presentation to Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, April 5, 2007

  • Presentation to Jim Molinari, State Director for Senator Feinstein, March 15, 2007

  • Dan Ashby and Jim Soper organize a symposium "Are We a Democracy? Vote Counting in the United States" in coordination with the Election Defense Alliance (2/07)

  • VRTF made major contributions to the election of Debra Bowen as Secretary of State (06)

  • VRTF lead the public protest against the purchase of new Diebold systems in Alameda County (05-06)

    • Diebold was thrown out of Alameda County

    • for the first time ever in California, all votes cast on a DRE using VVPATs were hand checked; this later would become standard procedure in all of California, leading to the use of paper ballots instead of voting machines by over 90% of Californians. (11/06)

    • The county conducted a security assessment that was a whitewash.(06)

  • VRTF members co-found the California Election Protection Network (spring 05)

  • VRTF hosted the first national symposium on election integrity (2/05)

  • VRTF sparked the campaign to have Senator Boxer support Ohio representatives in demanding a review of the results of the 2004 presidential election, which she did (1/05)

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We only fail if we quit. And we are not quitting.

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