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Frequently Asked Questions

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We trust ATM machines. Why can't we trust voting machines?

The difference is in the auditing. Banking systems undergo much more auditing, and when you use an ATM machine, you get a paper receipt. Because your vote must be secret, a voting machine does not give your a receipt, so it's harder to check. We audit even slot machines more carefully than voting machines.

Then there's this article : ATM Reprogrammed to Give Out 4 Times More Money

We trust airplanes that depend on computers. Why can't we trust voting machines?

The testing of the software alone for the 767 cost $1 billion. The dysfunctional testing for a voting system is maybe 1/1000 th of that. This is because when a plane crashes, we know about it. If a computer flips votes, we don't hear about it because the computer can cover its tracks, and the auditing is too weak. Besides, programmers for an airplane have no motivation to steer it off course, but the monetary motivation to steal votes is in the billions of dollars.

There's been no vote stealing in our county. So why worry?

This naive kind of statement ignores the long history of vote fraud in the United States, right up to the present. Vote fraud can happen anywhere. Prove that it hasn't happened here.

Claiming that there have been no stolen votes in a county with paperless voting machines, is like saying that you've had a warehouse with a million items in it, and no inventory control. How do you know that there has been no stealing? Unless you take inventory (with a paper trail), and check it extensively, you cannot say that there has been no stealing.

For counties with voting machines using a paper trail, actual auditing in the US is generally inadequate and sloppy, and full recounts are almost non-existent. So we have not proof that votes have not been stolen.

Remember, there is no smoking gun with computer crime. It leaves no footprints.

Isn't exposing corruptible machines discouraging people from voting?

Americans are not voting because of

  • deliberate vote suppression in northern, southern and western states

  • elections taking place on work days (Tuesday)

  • massive negative advertising

  • rampant corruption through campaign financing

  • politicians and parties that ignore the needs of the country

  • media obsessed with horse races instead of issues

  • gerrymandering

  • winner-take-all contests

  • the Electoral College making most non-swing state results a foregone conclusion

The above problems mean that

  • it might be difficult to vote, especially if you are black or you are a new citizen

  • an individual vote is highly unlikely to decide a contest

  • the politicians will do what the lobbyists want anyway

This is why more Americans are not voting. In order to fix these problems, including voting machines, we must first talk about them, then act. Only when elections become fair choices over truly important issues will people come back to vote.

Nobody, and no machine, should be counting votes in secret.

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