Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Help FAQ’s

Q – My Harbor Breeze ceiling fan starts squeaking as I turn it on, what should I do?

A – With time a ceiling fan can starts squeaking, or makes some noise. Applying some non-detergent motor oil can solve this problem. However, if the problem persists, tightening the screws will fix the issue.

Q – When I turn on my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, the light fixtures also spin with the motor, How can I resolve the problem?

A – The incorrect installation of the fan is the problem. Get it installed again as soon as possible. However, for the time being, not using it is advisable as it can fall any time or the twisted wires can also lead to short-circuit.

Q – Can a Harbor Breeze remote control be replaced?

A – Various Harbor Breeze remote control options are available on Amazon.

If the model of the fan or of the previous remote control can be determined, the same type can easily be obtained. Many other kinds of remote controls are also available, such as Harbor Breeze touch screen ceiling fan remote, Harbor Breeze handheld, or wall mounted ceiling fan remote.

These remotes work with all types of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and can be operated easily.

Q – I need to replace one of my Harbor Breeze Ceiling fan blades, Where can I get it?

A – Harbor Breeze replacement blades can be obtained online.

They are available in different styles and finishes. However, these blades come in a set of five and so only one blade can not be attained.

Replacing all of them with different style of blades and will give you a new looking Harbor Breeze fan.

Get some cool ones here

Q – In which directions should my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan spin during winters and summers?

A – During winters the fan should spin clockwise as then it moves the air upward to the ceiling, which makes the warm air come down. During summers the fan should spin anti-clockwise, which moves the air downward and provides coolness.

Q – Whenever I turn my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan on, it starts to wobble, why?

A – This happens due to a few loose screws. Generally, tightening up these screws solves the problem. But, it can also have some balancing issues, which can be checked with the help of a balancing kit or a yardstick.

There can also be some problem related to the blades or blade arms of the fan, which may need replacement.

Q – How can I examine the balancing problem in my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

A – The balancing problem can be examined with the help of a balancing kit, which remains available with every Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, or with the help of a yardstick.

On using a blade balancing kit, the weights are put on each blade one by one to see which blade is leading to the wobbling problem. While using a yardstick the distance between each blade tip and the ceiling is measured.

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