Hunter ceiling fans review and buying guide

Ceiling fans are among the most popular cooling fans, and for a good reason too.

They come with a variety of benefits, including unbeatable air circulation, energy savings, and a great look. You may be considering putting up some ceiling fans in your home and if you are, you may have noticed that there are a variety of different types of ceiling fans to choose from.

One type of ceiling fans you may want to consider when making your decision is Hunter Ceiling Fans. in this article, I’ll be sharing some helpful tidbits that will help you to determine whether Hunter fans are the best choice for your home.

Hunter ceiling fans- a brief history

For more than 100 years, the Hunter company has been working to provide great ceiling fans. John Hunter and his son James Hunter worked together and created their first ceiling fan together all the way back in 1886.

Soon after they created their first fans, they were providing fans to people across America as well as other countries.

Their goal was to provide great performance and craftsmanship, and that is clear in their range of home cooling fans. and The Hunter company has continued to grow with the times. It currently offers excellent fans with modern designs that still reflect the performance and quality that this father and son team worked so hard to accomplish in the past.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Overview

Today, Hunter Ceiling fans are some of the most quality and elite ceiling fans available. They are designed with great craftsmanship and they also have great designs and unmatched technology and style.

The following are several different benefits of these Hunter fans that you can enjoy.

  1. Great Craftsmanship – First of all, one of the main things that set these fans above their competition is their great craftsmanship. Many people now love these fans and they take for granted the great cooling and quiet sound of these well made fans.
  2. Quiet for Life Technology – These fans also come with a special Quiet for Life technology that is offered by Hunter ceiling fans. This is a special technology used to make the fans as quiet as possible. It includes a special mounting system as well as a unique motor technology. When you purchase a Hunter, you can be sure that it will never wobble and it will be quiet as well.
  3. Long Lasting – You will also find that Hunter Ceiling Fans are long lasting as well. Each fan is made to last, and they also have a special lifetime warranty on the motors.
  4. Energy Efficient – Energy efficiency is important to many people, and not only are Hunter fans durable and beautiful, but they are designed to be energy efficient as well.

Special Features

Hunter fans come with additional features that make them the best ceiling fans in the market. The following are just a few features that you can get that will make your fan experience a great one.

  • Whisperwind Motors – One great feature that you can expect when you go with Hunter Ceiling fans is the special Whisperwind motors that are available on almost all of the fan models they offer These special motors help to move the air better and also gives you a special quiet performance as well.
  • AVT Technology – Another great feature that is offered with ceiling fans made by Hunter is their special Anti Vibration Technology. This is a special system that they use to hang the fans to make sure that the fans are stable and that you get performance that is wobble free.
  • Three Position Mounting System – Most of the fans offered by Hunter are very easy to install and most of them also have three different positions that you can mount them. You can install them flush, in a standard position, or in an angled position.

A special mention- The Hunter Prestige Ceiling Fans

One type of Hunter Fan is the Hunter Prestige Ceiling Fans. These fans offer style, performance, and beauty all at the same time.

A variety of different woods are used to make these fans and they also offer various quality metals as well.

These are some of the most prestigious ceiling fans available on the market today.

Special designers work on these fans and some of the special designs and styles that are offered include retro, transitional, classic, traditional, rustic, and contemporary.

No matter what style you are trying to achieve in your home, you are sure to find the fan that will compliment that particular style.

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  1. Old World- Whether you are looking for Victorian charm or fans that bring out the Roman glory of old, these Old World Fans are sure to add to your room.
  2. Contemporary Fans – Hunter Prestige Ceiling Fans also offer a great selection of contemporary fans as well. They bring together new styles and hot trends and offer fans that are sleek and sophisticated.
  3. Transitional Fans – The fans are available to people who have their own eclectic sense of style. They cross the borders of style and offer fans that are as unique as you are.
  4. Tropical Fans – If you are trying to carry out a tropical theme in your home, you’ll love the Hunter Prestige Tropical fans that are available. They look elegant, yet the offer that simple and unique tropical style that you are looking for as well.
  5. Traditional Fans – For those who prefer the more traditional styles, there are also traditional style fans available from the Hunter Prestige Collection as well. They are very simple with a unique sense of style that is homey and comforting.

A variety of choices are available, and with their great style, durability, and quality, Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans make an excellent choice for your own home.

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