Powerfoil X Industrial Ceiling Fans- Less Energy More Cooling Effect

Large spaces such as huge warehouses and gymnasiums require efficient industrial ceiling fans large enough to distribute airflow to as much space as possible.

Powerfoil X is the strongest, most adaptable ceiling fan produced under Big Ass Fans ranging from 8 to 24 feet in size.

When shopping for an industrial ceiling fan, keep in mind that size should help move a lot of air not speed.

The Powerfoil X moves at a low speed using less energy without compromising the fan’s cooling effects. The patented trademark “winglet” design produced by the company eliminates drag at tips which contributes to the high volume of air.

pfx-airfoil-system-feature1The high-volume-low-speed operation mimics a slow gentle breeze helping perspiration evaporate faster from the skin.

This fan not only stands out in summers but works well during winters as well.

Circulating heat from a single-fixed source to the entire room would not be possible with ordinary ceiling fans. You’d usually end up with hot air trapped at the ceilings. But with Powerfoil X, hot air confined at the ceiling will be gently driven to the floor. You won’t have to pay double during winters just to heat up the entire room.


Big Ass Fans increases their product’s durability by incorporating the Nitroseal Drive, a custom gearbox filled with nitrogen for cooler operations. Zero maintenance is needed for the gearbox is permanently sealed. A C-face adapter is also included to be able to easily detach the motor for field service or replacement.

With Powerfoil X industrial ceiling fans, consumers can choose from a variety of options to integrate to its functionality platform. Lights encased in spun aluminum ballast can be added for dimly lit areas. Security camera is another option which is equipped to take high quality images with day to night functions, image sensor, and fixed lens.

Though very efficient and useful, the size and width of the industrial ceiling fans prohibit it from being used in narrow elongated rooms as well as short ceilings. Its use is still limited to huge confined areas with a great number of people.

With a capacity to reach 30,000 sq. ft. with just one fan, all you need is a Powerfoil X to feel cool and secured.

Jay Green
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